Coconut Island

Today I realized (after detailing my daily routine to my bff Noelle) that I want to switch things up. I feel like Chase and I definitely make the most of our weekends. We go on lots of adventures and explore the island, always driving somewhere or doing something fun. But the weekdays tend to get a little… repetitive. I feel like there is no excuse to have a repetitive life while living in Hawaii, weekday specific or not. So I walked home from work today (I know, super exciting). I am going to start walking to work more regularly though, if not every day. I have also vowed to do one new thing a day!

To kick it off I visited Coconut Island:


So, it wasn’t exactly what I had built up in my mind to be since my last visit. In my mind the entire island was filled with lush tropical trees, with hundreds of sea turtles swimming around the island (I did see one!) and exotic flowers growing in every direction.

Well, the actual island itself is somewhat bare, trees along the perimeter but mostly a large area of grass for playing. I did really like the little nooks and shaded areas where you can lounge about, but of course those were taken. So I sat down at a bench and broke out the ‘ole computer!

Until I noticed the ants.

I had that moment where you don’t see anything, until you see one, and then suddenly you see them ALL. They were all over my computer, my arms, crawling into my bag. So I left. I shall try again. Maybe tomorrow morning I can steal myself a little shaded corner in the grass by one of those lush trees that I had so multiplied in my mind.

*Photos taken at, and on the way to, Coconut Island*


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