The Gecko Gazette: Brewster, the Starbucks Gecko

Meet Brewster, our resident Starbucks sign-living Gecko:


I just want to say that I am still enamored with the geckos around town. I have a suspicion that the couple of friends that I have made here think I am ridiculous, for I joyfully point out every gecko I see. To Imagethe seasoned Hiloite, a gecko is as common as a house fly, unworthy of special attention or praise. Except for this gecko. My friend Mel even gets excited when she sees him in the drive-thru. I think he’s thirsty. And he definitely lives there. It is a rarity though I must say, to see him in the light of the morning. He seems to really live it up in the late afternoon. This morning however Chase and I caught him in transit at the base of the sign.

This is the 7th time I have spotted him on the SB sign in the last couple of weeks, and Chase gets super embarrassed when I want to jump out of the car (or worse yet when I ask him to do it, though I guess I don’t blame him) to snap a photo of the guy. What can I say, he is terribly photogenic.

I’m sure this won’t be the last you hear of our friend Brewster.

Unless Chase ran over him this morning.


*Photos taken by Chase and I*

*Yes, Brewster as in Starbucks Brew*

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