Kickball and the Moon


Last night was one of the best nights I’ve had since being on the island. Chase and I played in a legendary game of Kickball (you know that thing that was really awesome circa 1990), and the moon was just beautiful. We went with our friend Mel and met up with about 15 other people at a high school soccer field. There were a couple of stadium lights on and those coupled with the moon made for a just-bright-enough arena. Actually, the stadium lights played minor interference for the outfielders… The direct spotlight was so blinding that when a ball was kicked into the air all you really had to go off of was the confirmation of sound that it had been kicked, and just hope that it didn’t come near you. Or maybe that was just me.

It (like most days here) had rained recently so there were vast areas of mud pools to accidentally slip and slide in, and oh did we ever. Our team, the Thunder Strudels, were super dedicated and intense. I can’t remember the last time I was on a team so passionate. Half-way through the game Chase decided to make good use of the mud and placed a couple of warrior stripes under his eyes. We all followed suit.


Soon after that we were throwing out nicknames left and right, cheering each other on from home run to home run and pirouetting over home plate! Chase has been dubbed Sprinkles, and I, appropriately, Skull Crusher. We made a good team, he and I. I would make the first kick and dash to first base, Chase would follow after and kick the ball so far that I was ensured enough time to make it to 3rd. By the time Sparky was up, Chase and I were brought home. Success.

So what if we lost.

It was fun. Perhaps there will be a league in our future… Complete with matching team track suits, goggles, and sweat bands.


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