“The Baby Maker”

ImageYesterday I got to work a bit early and thought I’d be able to sneak in some extra assignments. Except that there were none to be had. No clients. No agendas. Nothing. So I decided to take that free time to try my hand at “The Baby Maker” (Far Right Quadrant). Made famous by Regina George’s mother in Mean Girls and perfected, titled and immortalized by my BFF, Noelle (I really do not do it justice)(Also click the link because it will take you to her supercool blog). “The Baby Maker” is a look to be used not only in the most seductive of times, but as well as under extreme duress. And fatigue. I was feeling the latter. The heat here is getting to me. Yes, the office is air conditioned. Yes, I went rogue and decided to wear a cardigan. But I miss Fall, and I wanted to try to capture it in some capacity regardless of the fact that I felt the beginning stages of heat stroke on my walk from the car to the office. Sigh.


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