The City of Refuge


A couple of weeks ago I visited the City of Refuge. In the Days of Old, the penalty for breaking a kupu (law) was certain death. The only way that you could evade this fate was by escaping your pursuers and making the journey to the City of Refuge. This entailed swimming safely through the Shark’s Den, shark infested waters surrounding the City of Refuge (at least in ancient times), where a waiting kahuna (priest) would absolve you of your sins. You would then be allowed to live out your days on the island peacefully without fear of further persecution.

I thought that the City of Refuge was downright enchanting. It was a gloomy day but that seemed to add to the mysterious feel of the land. There’s a very nice little gift shop, and they have Ranger Talks twice a day, one of my favorite things. There were a lot of snorkelers out, and it was also a great place to visit the sea turtles!



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